Hoodie Allen – Cake Boy (Official Music Video)

Hoodie Allen, this guy sets an example for most other artists. The night before “All American” was released, Hoodie announced that he would personally call every fan to thank them for buying All American. Over 30,000 signed up to receive a phone call, and Hoodie is still working to narrow down the list. In my opinion this is an amazing gesture. Now this song is alot different from the other songs I’ve heard from Hoodie, but I like it very much! Be on the look out for his song and video featuring Chiddy Bang titled, ”Fame Is For Assholes” and his new mixtape ”Crew Cuts” soon. I am so stoked for his next EP. When I first heard Chiddy was in the studio with him… I was like damn this thing needs to come out now. The drop is set for February 20thHoodie had this to say about it. “Crew Cuts is my new free album and I think my most diverse and interesting project to date.”

Cake Boy [Buy on iTunes]

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