BioLogic – Four Left Turns


Biologic just sent me his latest album, Four Left Turns. His e-mail was very impressive and I felt like: I have to post this cool guy. This album is incredibly smooth, and very rich in lyrics. The next time you’re chillin’ and you’re looking for some laid back hip hop, be sure to download his album below.

Attached the e-mail below:

I found your blog via your post on Shelton Harris, and I thought I’d send you my newest album! First, though, I just want to say that I’m really impressed with the writing on your blog. I read through a few posts and I found them to be well above the current standard of “check out so-and-so, they’re dope”, props! I’m a Seattlite, making HipHop under the name BioLogic, and I just released my newest album for free on bandcamp last sunday! It’s full of hard-hitting beats and ear-catching lyrics with a wide variety of moods and themes ranging from introspection to personal motivation to feel-good-party-anthem! I really respect your position in the HipHop community trying to get people acquianted with new artists and I really hope you enjoy the album! A post would mean a lot to me.

Facebook // @BioLogicMC


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